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15 Fun Facts About Alcohol

Thursday, March 17 2016 10:30 AM
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  1. The production of alcohol has been traced back over 12,000 years; and The world’s oldest known recipe ever found was a recipe for beer

  2. The term honeymoon traces back to Babylon where it was customary for the fathers in law to provide the newly wedded couple with a one months supply of mead. This period after the marriage was known as the “honey month”, as the mead was commonly produced with honey. As time progressed the celebration after marriage changed from the “honey month” to the honeymoon.

  3. One bottle of Champagne has somewhere near 49 million bubbles.

  4. In many European countries some form of alcohol can be found at most fast food restaurants. Furthermore drinking amongst teenagers is so common that alcohol can be purchased in most high school cafeterias.

  5. Until the mid 1600’s wine was often sealed not with a cork, but with an oil soaked piece of cloth.

  6. The prohibition on liquor in the United States did not extend to alcohol prescribed by doctors and sold in pharmacies. This is said to be the main reason Walgreens Pharmacy grew to the current market share it has today, as they stocked whiskey for health care purposes. It is said that from the start of prohibition till 1930 the chain grew from 20 to 400 stores.

  7. Fredrick the great, who was King of Prussia, enjoyed alcohol so much that he attempted to ban coffee in hopes of getting everyone to drink alcohol instead.

  8. Christopher Columbus spent more money on the Sherry he stocked on his ship than he did on the entire expedition to the “New World”.

  9. There are 13 essential minerals for human life, all of them can be found in alcohol.

  10.  The Star Spangled Banner, the United States’ national anthem, was written to the tune of a drinking song.

  11. In order to make a bottle of wine, you will need to have approximately 600 grapes on hand.

  12. Original thermometers were filled with brandy, not mercury.

  13. Abraham Lincoln held a liquor license and owned several taverns.

  14. A mixed drink with carbonation is absorbed more quickly by the body than just a straight shot of alcohol.

  15. In 1964, Congress declared Bourbon to be the official spirit of the United States

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Let’s Give Them “Shrub”thing to Talk About

Thursday, March 3 2016 2:34 PM
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To anyone who has been reading over the last few weeks, first, I thank you and I hope you are finding enjoyment in the history of one of the world’s favorite pastimes. Please know that I enjoy the traditional way of making cocktails and so, for this week’s feature we will be exploring the history and modern usage of, perhaps the world’s oldest “mixers”, shrubs.

A shrub is a fruit preserve originally made from fresh seasonal fruit and fresh citrus or vinegar to preserve and infuse. The first historical documentation of this was in the 15th century with the use of medicinal cordials and tinctures. The process tapered off slowly over the next few hundred years, however was still used for making punches and some traditional winter holiday beverages.

As we began to colonize America the trend reemerged with the rise of rye-based spirits, only this time there were a few differences. Fresh citrus juice was phased out in preference of vinegar as the shrub’s shelf life was much longer. This time it wasn’t used for medicine, but mostly for making punches and beverages of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties, especially during the Christmas Holidays. However, with lack of refrigeration, this trend was short-lived because shelf-life was only about a week after opening. After then, the bitterness of the vinegar would become over-powering.

Shrubs have returned to bars in both the United States as well as the United Kingdom. At Pierpont’s, we are happy to be providing a little piece of history in our “Kansas City Connection” cocktail. This concoction features orange shrubs from Steadfast Shrubs, a local company where everything is made traditionally by the owner, Aaron Branstetter. As the seasons and fresh local fruit change, so will our collection of shrubs and classically inspired cocktails.

Pierpont's Cocktails

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